American Oil & Supply International, LLC

Jack of All Sprays®

Jack of All Sprays uses advanced, biodegradable technologies developed by American Oil & Supply International, LLC. Jack lubricates, rust busts, penetrates and protects. It’s also a no-drip, no-waste product that is odorless and non-toxic. Proudly made in America, all Jack products are proven to tackle the toughest jobs. When others can’t, Jack can.

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Vitalife is the premier wire rope lubricant in the industry. Vitalife quickly penetrates to the core of the wire rope, lubricating and protecting every strand. It creates a dry-to-the-touch barrier, reduces friction and oxidation all while providing corrosion protection.  For more information about our products and their many applications, visit the Vitalife website.

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American Oil

American Oil since 1895® is a national, independent brand of lubricants and greases for the automotive, commercial and industrial industries.  We have over 300 formulations utilizing synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral and biodegradable lubricants and greases.  Since 1895, we’ve always offered the highest quality at the best price. Because when it comes to oil, every drop counts.

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